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Customer service


If you’re looking for an internship at a company, you’re headed in the right direction. We have places available in the best destinations in Spain and France!

In the area of customer service, you will have the opportunity to attend people from all over the world depending on the social reason of the company, for no one it is a secret that customer service is indispensable to be able to publicize the products and services of companies and with tax to the growth of sales. This can be direct, telephone or computer.

Customer service

Basic requirements:

– Be an active student looking for a curricular or extracurricular study such as: Tourism, administration, public relations or professional or technological developments at the end.
– High Spanish level if it is in Spain.
– High French level if it is in France.
– Desirable english or other language proficiency.
– Minimum age 18 years.


What are the tasks?

  • Customer ServiceDirect customer service according to necessary concerns and management
  • Problem solvingProvide solutions to existing problems.
  • Analysis and requestsCollect and analyze customer complaints and requests.
  • InformationProvide the necessary information according to the product or service.
  • ManagementCarry out the management and process according to the need of the client and the company.
  • Among many more tasks!

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Guest reviews

Best practice! I had a chance to learn a lot of things I never knew. All the staff are very friendly and helpful. Good meals, rooms for apprentices equipped with air conditioning, which is very useful, especially during the summer. Hotel located near the beach, with stunning views and all the attractions. Working in this place is a pleasure! 🙂

Angelika Hudy - Poland
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