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I’m a student, and I want to fulfill my dream with Animafest!.

If you are a student of tourism or gastronomy, rather than choosing us, it is good that you know the advantages that internationalization brings for your personal and professional development.

On a personal level, getting to live for a season in another country, your level of independence and responsibility will improve. At a professional level, doing a practice outside the country and especially in Europe shows that you are excellent and your aptitudeandy and attitudinal abilities make a big difference when looking for a job.


Some of the most important advantages of doing a practice outside the country.

  • You will learn new languages depending on the country and the area where you do your internship, remember that the practice is better than a classroom.
  • Learn and share different cultures, not only from the country where you will practice, but from the guests and colleagues of your work.
  • You will be able to compare and reference a country with yours, you will also improve your intellectual level and you will be able to contribute great ideas in companies.
  • Change or "break" with routine: You'll get used to the way of life of a different country, learn how to take public transport, talk to local people, and maybe even include life forms in yours.
  • Discover your identity and realize how capable you are to face situations.

Why choose Animafest?


We are a platform with more than 15 years of experience in making our students’ dreams a reality.

Free Service

Our service and advice is totally free! We provide you with accommodation and food completely free of charge, plus we provide you with a financial remuneration.*


We care about the well-being of our students, so we have an agreement with the best hotels and restaurants, where you will feel comfortable and you can work with tranquility and enthusiasm.


You will have constant advice, from the moment you start the process until you arrive in your country.


We are a team of professionals who work every day to help you and make your dream come true.

Our international team with more than 15 years of experience is made up of many speakers native to different countries in Europe.

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Guest reviews

The experience is big and wonderful. The Staff from the Hotel is very kind and helpful. There is a swimming pool near the hotel that we can use. I found friends to all my life. I love my experience here.

Diego Cruz - Mexico
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